Wednesday, September 04, 2002

There is love in your heart, but it must come out from your mind.....yes i just made that up, but its cool.talking to my friend from school on the phone at the moment. Hes boring and its hard to keep up this site......well theres another sie i want to tell you people about and thats it went down! that gay guy took out all the images and its dead! if i knew who he was id beat him up! that stupid man......::arnold walks in::

"do you want me to pummel him in the face?"


"you have just been erased"

"good job"
hmm people dont invade my site with crap or arnold will beat you up. yes arnold....cant spell his last name but arnold none the less. Today was fifth day of school....yes ive started hel- i mean school. it sucks and the whole year will probably be the same......until christmas break. the hunginess i feel in school is too much i feel like eating my teacher and yes they dont look appitizing but im always so hungry and they cant do anything about it. you know what theres this site called rpgdreamers and theres everything you could possibly want from rpg related items. the url is and theres mp3s and pictures that you can use for wallpapers and walkthroughs and all that good stuff so check it out!