Tuesday, September 10, 2002

tomorrow is september 11. theres going to be so much stuff to think about and if we should rebuild the two towers (sounds lilke lord of the rings) "i wish the ring had never-" ::gets killed by gandalf:: "yoink!" heheheheheh ::puts ring on and off really fast:: still giggling......... anywho thers going to be a special thingy at school and a moment of silence in america (yes the whole country) and the it will be the same as before after that. it doesnt make sense to me we should have a whole day contributed to the 9/11 disaster but nooooo they gotta keep it the same as everyyear before that
ok now that im ok with everything again.....im trying to find out what to say. i yeah anywho i think that everything is messed up and is getting fixed but it may be a while in the mean time go and look at my one and only evangelion picture......yay now thats thats done you can all go to a different site like http://www.geocities.com/xx_4everangel_xx/Rippled-Faith.html no i did NOT i repeat did NOT make that site.

Monday, September 09, 2002

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ugh life has hit me in the face once again.....man life is hurting me more then an elephant can
wow this is pretty cool (notice the pic) yes i know its not much at the moment but it will kick up. my life is a mess at the moment becuase of someone who will remain nameless......BRITTANY!!!!! and thats about it