Monday, December 02, 2002

I'm back from my trip from Rome, as many of you probably don't know =P! Honestly if you are a kid dont go there. It's rocks and naked statues and drag queens. Nothing I want to see I dont know about you people though. Pompeii was pretty interesting. Dead people in ash, things like that. We saw the colleseum (sp?) and that was ok. A little small but still pretty cool. where it says It's rocks...but leave out the last part. The only thing i liked the most was sleeping and the motorcycles. Ooooh what could I say about the motorcycles. Hondas, and motor scooters (not those cheap peicese of crap at k-mart). My personal favorite: the Honda CBR600F4. I have a model of it. Also disregard (sp? again) the ohrrpgce. i found a better one. RPG Maker 2ooo. Search that too. You can do everything like movie scenes and all that good stuff. Try it out

Finished by Kyle (or whatever you may want to call me)